Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Holland Weighted Average Report

goats at New Holland
The market report for the weekly sheep and goat auction at the New Holland (PA) Sales Stables is available on the Internet in a new, much improved format. Prices are listed in table format for each grade and class of sheep and goats. The table includes number of head, weight range, price range, and average price. Sheep weights are actual. Goat weights are estimated. Sheep and lambs are sold by the pound. Goats are still sold by the head.

The market report also gives price trends and number of sheep/goat receipts for the sale reported, the sale the previous week, and the sale the previous year at the same time. According to the market news reporter, the New Holland report is a "work in progress."

Search for USDA market reports
USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) web site has a search engine that allows you to find past USDA market reports. The url for the search engine is Alternatively, you can click on SEARCH from the menu bar of the AMS web site.

Where the search page asks for "Enter your query," you type #filename, followed by the space bar, then the number of the report you are looking for. A report's number is listed in the top left hand corner of the online version of the report. For example, the number of the New Holland Sheep & Goat Weighted Average Report is LN_LS322.TXT.