Thursday, July 28, 2011

Distiller's grains reduce deworming

Weaned lambs grazing on pasture have high susceptibility to internal parasites which can greatly reduce growth rates and contribute to lamb mortality.

Researchers at The Ohio State University (in Wooster) conducted three experiments to determine the effects of supplementation with dried distiller's grains (DDG) or soybean hulls (SH) on weaned lambs grazing orchardgrass pastures.

Experiment 2
ADG (lbs/d) Percent Tx
  Control - no supplement
  Supplement - SH
  Supplement - DDG

In all three of the experiments, supplementation with DDG reduced parasitism (i.e. fewer lambs required treatment with an anthelmintic) and improved growth rates.

DDG is a by-product of the ethanol industry and a cheaper feed alternative for livestock.

Source:  abstract provided by Dr. Steve Loerch.

Read article from Ohio's Country Journal - Ohio AgNet

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