Monday, July 25, 2011

Goat AI & Breeding Short Course

North Carolina State University will host a Goat AI & Breeding Management Short Course, August 30 through September 1, 2011.  An optional 1-day pre-course workshop covering the basics of goat management will be offered in conjunction with the 3-day short course.

The short course is designed to provide participants with both the theoretical background and significant opportunity for hands-on practice needed to facilitate the adoption of artificial insemination into their goat breeding programs.

The registration fee for the 3-day workshop is $300 ($375 after Aug. 8). The registration fee for the 1-day pre-course workshop is $100 ($125 after Aug. 8). Registration is limited to 30 registrants for the pre-course workshop and 20 registrants for the AI short course.

For more information, go to

AI Short Course Flyer


Queue Farms said...

Is there any material availible for those who cant attend the course

Susan Schoenian said...

You'll need to contact the organizers of the course.