Thursday, June 2, 2011

Out-of-season breeding demos

Out-of-season breeding is an effective method to increase income from your sheep flock. See it demonstrated in three twilight meetings at Warrior Mtn. Suffolk Farm at 19707 Oliver Beltz Road, Oldtown MD. The first two meetings are scheduled for June 7th  and 15th at 6:30 PM.
  • Meeting 1  ( June 7th):  See data on the effectiveness of the method, insert CIDRs, do breeding soundness exams on the rams, and body condition scores on ewes and rams (Dr. Keith Inskeep, West Virginia University).
  • Meeting  2  (June 15th):  Observe estrous behavior of ewes from which CIDRs were removed 2 days before. Discuss ram and ewe behavior and reasons for ewe:ram ratio not exceeding 18:1 in single sire lot at synchronized estrus.  (Dr. Marlon Knights, West Virginia University).
  • Image from Premier Sheep Supplies
  • Meeting 3 (to be scheduled later):  Demonstrate ultrasonographic pregnancy diagnosis and count embryos/fetuses. Discuss usefulness in planning feeding program for ewes bearing single or multiple potential offspring.
Contact Derrick Bender at (301) 724-3320 or if you have any questions or need directions to the farm. 

There will be a bag of CIDRs as a door prize.

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