Monday, October 25, 2010

Wool packaging material

Woolcool® is an incredibly effective, multi award-winning, eco-alternative to polystyrene and polyethylene insulated packaging for delivering and distributing temperature sensitive goods.

Developed by Angela Morris, Woolcool is a range of boxes using recycled, recyclable cardboard with pads of sheeps' wool insulation lining. The plastic lining is recyclable and the sheared wool is compostable.

The plastic covers have little holes in them that allow the wool to absorb the moisture released by the packaged food and to keep it cool for more than a day. The health and safety guidelines call for food to be kept at 5 degrees centigrade, but Woolcool keeps it twice as cool.

Woolcool makes use of waste-wool.

Visit Woolcool home page.

Topic suggested by Kelly Cole.

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