Monday, August 2, 2010

Correct drenching technique

Drench is a large volume of liquid medicine. Drenching is to pour the medicine down the animal’s throat.

Drenching is the recommended method for deworming sheep and goats. Drenches are the recommended formulation. Oral dewormers minimize the selection for drug-resistance worms and have much shorter meat withdrawals.

Proper drenching is a technique that all sheep and goat owners should master. An effective dewormer is worthless if it is not administered properly. Improper drenching technique can have serious consequences.

The animal’s head should be held horizontally for drenching. It should not be pulled back. The gun nuzzle should be placed over the back of the animal’s tongue. The animal should swallow before the gun is removed.

The handler should be gentle, so as not to cause injury to the mouth or throat of the animal. There is no need to rush the procedure. Drench in the lungs can be fatal.

Download poster [PDF]: Correct drenching technique
Download leaflet [PDF]:  Do you drench correctly?

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