Saturday, July 31, 2010

Record funding for vaccine development

Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, has received the largest grant ever to be awarded by the EU (European Union) in the field of animal health. Over 9 million Euros (over $11.7 million) has been secured by a Moredun-led “Paravac” consortium, in order to develop vaccines for important worm parasites which infect livestock.

Nematode parasites pose the greatest current threat to global agricultural productivity. Control of parasitic worms currently relies almost exclusively on the use of drugs, a solution threatened by the global emergence of worm populations that are resistant to the drugs used to control them.

An alternative, greener and more sustainable approach is to control these infestations by vaccination, and one of the specific aims of this grant will be to develop at least one prototype vaccine to the point of uptake by the commercial sector or through government/philanthropic agencies.

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