Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goat research farm flooded

Flooding in Nashville, Tennessee, devasted Dr. Richard Browning's goat research farm at Tennessee State University.  All together, 134 animals were lost:  92 does and 29 kids, more than a third of the entire stock. Fortunately, all but one of the twenty-seven herd sires was saved. Dr. Browning and others risked their lives to save the animals.

Image from Tennessee State Univ.
Since 2002, Tennessee State University has been at the forefront of breed assessment of goats used for meat.  In a seven year project, three breeds  of goats (Boer, Kiko, and Spanish) have been compared for fitness and performance traits. Dr. Browning presented the results of his multi-year crossbreeding study at last year's Western Maryland Goat Field Day & Sale.

Last month's flood affected the research of over 15 scientists at Tennessee State University. The Nashville region suffered over $1 billion in damage. 

The rebuilding process has begun at Dr. Browning's goat farm.  Since the flood, a few goats have been born.

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