Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New colostrum product for baby goats

AgriLabs recently announced the launch of Colostrx® Multi Species for use in newborn and nursing kids. Colostrx® Multi Species is designed to meet the colostrum needs of kids, foals, lambs, fawns, puppies, alplacas, llamas, kittens, and calves.

Colostrx© brand is the longest-standing, most-trusted name in colostrum replacement and supplement products and is now available as Colostrx© Multi Species for use when:
  • Reliable, high quality colostrum is unavailable
  • Enough colostrum is not produced
  • Feeding a large kid
  • Kid is orphaned
  • Disease could be transmitted from doe to kid
  • Colostrum is contaminated
  • Kid needs additional globulin protein support
  • Stressful birth
  • Feeding a runt.
AgriLabs Inc. is an animal-health, sales and marketing organization with distribution throughout the United States.

Source:  AgriLabs Inc., 4/19/10.

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