Thursday, March 4, 2010

Less sheep and goats in U.S.

The Annual Sheep & Goat Inventory was released by USDA-NASS on January 29, 2010. National inventories for both species declined over the past year.

U.S. sheep and lamb inventory totalled 5.63 million head on January 1st, down 2 percent from 2009. Wool production was 6 percent less than in 2008.  The average price paid for wool in 2009 was $0.79 per pound. The 2009 lamb crop was down 1 percent. The 2009 lambing rate was 108, up 3 percent from 2008.

The U.S. goat inventory totalled 3.04 million head on January 1st, and was 1 percent lower than in 2009.  Non-dairy goats decreased slightly, while milk goats increased 6 percent. Angora goats were down 19 percent. The average price paid for mohair in 2009 was $2.66 per pound.

Maryland sheep and lamb inventory numbers are now reported in the Other States Category.  Sheep numbers increased by 12 percent in Other States.  The Maryland goat inventory was 14,900 on January, 9.1 percent less than in 2009. According to the survey, dairy goats comprise 16 percent of Maryland's goat population, while 84 percent are meat and other goats.

In nearby states
Virginia's sheep inventory grew 19 percent, but its goat inventory shrunk by 13 percent. West Virginia's sheep inventory was reduced by 9 percent; its goat inventory by 9.5 percent  In Pennsylvania, sheep numbers increased 16 percent, goat numbers, 4.4 percent (all dairy goats).

Read full USDA-NASS Sheep & Goat Report

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