Sunday, September 6, 2009

World's most expensive sheep

A sheep named Deveronvale Perfection is believed to be the world's most expensive sheep, after selling for £231,000, an equivalent of $377,000, at the recent Scottish National Texel Sale.

Deveronvale PerfectionThe price was more than £100,000 pounds above the previous record for a Texel, a breed originating on the Dutch island of Texel, and above the previous record sheep sale in Australia in the 1980s.

Deveronvale Perfection is an 8 month old ram lamb, produced by embryo transfer. His high price is attributed to his strong physical attributes.

According to his buyer, "Deveronvale Perfection was the best lamb he had ever seen, with great strength and an incredibly chunky stature".

Thanks to Jeff Semler for suggesting this story.

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