Friday, September 4, 2009

A new mulch for farm and garden

From commercial growing fields to home gardens, Woolch™ is the answer for those looking for increased yields with herbicide-free and pesticide-free weed control, moisture-retaining mulch.

A row of strawberries growing through wool mulch. Image by Emily Tepe.In most cases, Woolch™ provides effective weed control for two years. The wool mulch helps to increase yields, stabilize ground temperature, and retain moisture around plants.

Field trials were done by mechanically planting strawberries, then hand placing the strips of mulch over the rows, splitting the mulch above each plant, and pulling it to the surface.

Woolch™ is a blend of about 50% wool fibers and slightly less than half toothpick-size wood shavings. The wool is waste fiber created by the carding machines at the beginning of the yarn making process and by napping machines near the end of the blanket-making process.

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A new mulch for farm and garden

Thanks to Gail Whitney for suggesting this topic.

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