Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goat farm manager wanted

A person in the midst of establishing a 1,500 acre goat farm in Northern Maine (near Houlton, with a view of Mt. Katahdin) is looking for someone to run the farm and mind the goats.

The farm has a brand new 120 x 40 ft. hoop barn and small cabin. Some fencing has been installed. All but 11 acres of the farm has reverted to woodland. A starter herd of 65 does and a llama has been purchased. Meat producton is the intended purpose of the goat farm, but dairy production is also possible.

The job would come with a totally winterized house (cabin), living expenses, and a small salary. For more information, contact Lee Feigon at (847) 921-6999 or lnfeigon@gmail.com.