Monday, June 16, 2008

Sheep Poo Paper™ Air Freshener

Image by Sheep Poo Paper
A company in Wales, Creative Paper Wales, has developed Poo Pourri air fresheners made from sheep poo.

No need to fret though, they thoroughly sterilize it by relentlessly washing and boiling it until only about 50 percent (the undigested cellulose) remains. Then, through a labor of love, they beat it to a pulp, paper-making pulp that is.

They then turn the poo into paper using traditional paper making techniques, which are then fragranced with the scent of daffodils and fresh cut grass.

The process of turning the sheep waste into wonderful does create some waste of its own, which the poo-loving geniuses use as nutrient rich fertilizer. When all is said and done, you have air fresheners that are free from chemicals and free from fallen trees. The Poo Pourri air fresheners can be found at They sell for £1.49 ($2.90).

Source: ASI Weekly News, June 13, 2008.