Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Changes to Scrapie Flock Certification Program

USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) posted new standards to the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (SRCP).

The changes went into effect on June 30, 2007,and were made to meet the current World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) standards for export and increase the assurance that certified flocks are free from scrapie. The changes should enhance the opportunity for U.S. producers to export germplasm.

New Export Category
A new export category has been added to the standards. Certification for export requires 7 years of scrapie-free monitoring. All animals over 14 months of age found dead must be sampled for scrapie. Cull sheep must undergo veterinary inspection prior to culling or be slaughtered at a state or federally inspected facility. A minimum of 30 mature animals must be tested for scrapie before Export certification. Live animal testing may be used to meet this requirement if insufficient mature animals die or are culled.

Other changes
Under the non-export category, certification continues to require five years of scrapie-free monitoring. Mature animals that are found dead must be reported and required samples submitted. APHIS will continue to provide scrapie testing for up to 5 mature animals.

The new program standards are available online HERE. For information about the scrapie program (in Maryland and Delaware) contact Dr. Kent Holm at

Source: ASI Weekly, News for Sheep Industry Leaders, 07.20.07

USDA-APHIS Scrapie Disease Information