Tuesday, July 10, 2007

West Virginia Small Ruminant Project

The West Virginia Small Ruminant Project, formerly the Sheep Management Project, was introduced in 1998 by the West Virginia University College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Consumer Sciences in cooperation with the WVU Cooperative Extension Service, USDA Wildlife Services, and the WV Department of Agriculture.

The Project is currently being supported through funding provided by the WV State Legislature. The Project's goal is to help farmers increase the economic efficiency and overall profitability of their small ruminant enterprises through improved production practices and through the introduction of new technologies and to help revitalize this industry in West Virginia.

The project recently unveiled a new web site at http://www.caf.wvu.edu/avs/sheep/ and a blog at http://wvsrp.blogspot.com/.

For more information, contact the project office at (304) 874-3561 or sara.hare@mail.wvu.edu.