Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dr. Sheep and the Aardvark

Fife, Scotland - Dr. Sheep and the Aardvark, the online comic strip by James Spence, is building an impressive worldwide fan base. It tells the story of Dr Sheep (a woolly physician) and his patient, an amnesiac Aardvark. Sounds bizarre? It is …and people flock to read it.

Dr. Sheep and the AardvarkThousands of readers visit the Dr. Sheep and the Aardvark website to read the thrice-weekly antics of the amnesiac Aardvark trapped in a world of sheep. The strip has attracted thousands of unique visitors, and the associated MySpace page has added over 5,500 friends, in just two months.

Dr. Sheep and the Aardvark strip is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at: