Thursday, March 2, 2017

No Maryland Wool Pool in 2017

After 59 years of operation, there will be no Maryland Wool Pool in 2017.  For many years, the wool pool has provided a market outlet for fleeces. The pool has been especially beneficial for small producers.

There have been many managers of the Maryland Wool Pool. Prices always seemed to be higher than other pools, with similar types of wool. The Maryland pool was always innovative in its approaches to marketing wool, instituting classing and baling. In fact, the Maryland Wool Pool hosted many ASI classing schools.

In its next newsletter, the Maryland Sheep Producers Association will offer alternatives for marketing wool. There are still wool pools in neighboring states:  Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Some shearers will purchase wool.

Many producers direct market their wool to hand spinners. Others add value to their wool and sell roving, top, yarn, or finished products. You can take wool to landfills. Many producers have switched to hair sheep, so they don't have to worry about shearing and marketing wool.

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