Thursday, January 12, 2017

Best Management Practices to Increase Lamb Crop

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) has published a set of 12 Best Management Practices fact sheets. The fact sheet series is aimed at helping producers increase their lamb crop. They are written and reviewed by Sheep Specialists throughout the United States.

The fact sheets have been professionally edited and are now available for downloading from the United States Lamb Resource Center.

  1. Accelerated Lambing Cycles
  2. Breeding Ewe Lambs at 7-9 Months
  3. Cull Underperforming Ewes
  4. Disease Prevention and Treatment
  5. Manage for Seasonal Changes in Reproduction
  6. Match Reproduction to Management
  7. Optimal Nutrition
  8. Reduce Lamb Loss
  9. Select for Prolific Genetics
  10. Test for Pregnancy Status
  11. Testing Rams for Breeding Soundness
  12. Use Crossbreeding
Because production methods vary across the U.S. and among producers within the same production system, not all of these “best practices” are applicable to a particular sheep operation. However, most sheep producers should be able to identify at least three of the 12 Lamb Crop Best Practices that will help them gain efficiency and improve profitability. Most of the practices are equally applicable to goats.

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