Thursday, April 28, 2016

APPS for Sheep and Goat Producers

"App" is short for "application" - which is another name for a computer program. Normally, when people talk about apps they are almost always referring to programs that run on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers. 

ASI Market News
ASI Market News is produced by the American Sheep Industry Association
to help sheep producers stay informed on current market conditions. This app displays several national and auction barn reports for locations across the United States. The app also contains a break even calculator. The report data is compiled by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.

Goat & Sheep Weight Calculator
Goat & Sheep Weight Calculator allows you to calculate the approximate weight of your goats and sheep by using a cloth measuring tape to determine the girth of the animal’s heart and the length of the animal’s body. Simply enter in your measurements to calculate the weight of your goats and sheep in pounds.

Pearson Square
Pearson Square provides an easy way to calculate mixtures of two ingredients. It is very useful in the fertilizer, animal feed, and sausage industries. Animal Science and Veterinary students should also find it very useful. 

To see an A-Z list of APPS for sheep and goat producers, go to!apps/coh8

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