Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scrapie Update

 Since the beginning of FY 2015, 29 sheep have tested positive for scrapie; 26 of these positives were from the same source flock. Two goats have tested for positive --both from the same herd. The most recent positive case was confirmed on February 18, 2015.

Since the beginning of FY 2015,12,683 sheep and 3,325 goats have been tested for scrapie. In November 2014, the first positive goat found through slaughter surveillance was identified. Based on the goats sampled at slaughter to date, the prevalence of scrapie in U.S. cull goats is 0.004 percent.

To report a sheep or goat with clinical signs of scrapie, please contact your local VS office.  To learn more about scrapie, the disease, and the national scrapie eradication program visit the APHIS VS Scrapie Website and

View February monthly scrapie report via PowerPoint

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