Sunday, February 8, 2015

Follow Markets On Your Smart Phone

You can follow the lamb and wool markets on your smart phone. ASI Market News is produced by the American Sheep Industry Association to help sheep producers stay informed on current market conditions.

The app displays 6 national as well as 7 auction barn reports for locations across the United States. The report data is compiled by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. From the front page, users can select to search national reports or auction reports

While the number of eastern markets is limited --  only sale barns that have USDA reporting are being used in the app -- the app includes the New Holland (PA) auction report. New Holland is the largest sheep and goat market in the Eastern US.  Lambs sold at New Holland are usually destined for non-traditional markets.

The app was recently updated to include more Eastern reports and a "breakeven calculator." So far, more than 2050 people have downloaded the app. The app allows producers to make more informed marketing decisions.

ASI Market News is available for both Apple and Android operating systems and can be downloaded from their respective stores.

Apple's App Store
Android Store

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