Monday, August 4, 2014

Goat Twilight Tour & Tasting

Approximately 80 people attended the Goat Twilight Tour & Tasting, held July 31 at the University of Maryland's Western Maryland Research & Education Center (WMREC) in Keedysville.

The tour highlighted the center's pasture-based meat goat performance test and pen vs. pasture study. In the test, 77, mostly Kiko bucks, are being evaluated for growth, parasite resistance, and parasite resilience. The top-performing bucks will be sold September 6 at the Bluegrass Performance Invitational in Frankfort, Kentucky. All other bucks will be available for sale via private treaty.

In the study, 30 bucks were divided into two groups and are being fed two different diets: pen (hay + grain) and pasture (pasture + soy hulls). All of the study bucks will be harvested to collect carcass data.

For the tasting part, a local chef (Todd Morren) prepared six dishes made from goat  meat (chevon), including Birria Mexican Goat & Chili Stew, Citrus-Cured Goat Salad (Tai De) Jaffna Goat Curry (Sri Lankan) Pappardelle with Goat Ragu, and Roasted Goat for Tacos.


The Goat Twilight Tour & Tasting was sponsored by the Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board, which funds the pen vs. pasture study. 

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