Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 Sheep & Goat Skillathon Results

For the second year in a row, the Junior Sheep & Goat Skillathon was swept by girls. The 1st place junior was Lizzy Miller from Montgomery County, Maryland. The 1st place intermediate was Mckenzie Ashby from Virginia. The 1st place senior was Lydia Smith from Vermont.

2014 winners (L-R):  Lizzy Miller, Mckenzie Ashby, and Lydia Smith.
The 2nd place junior was Chet Boden from Virginia. The 3rd place junior was Edy McDougal from Washington County. The top junior team was from Frederick County. Team members included Kiandra Strickhouser, Jessica Martin, and Caroline Clark. Washington County had the second place junior team: Edey McDougal, Marlie Snyder, and Addison Snyder.

Second place intermediate Kallam Latham tied for 1st place with 433 points; the tie was broken by written test scores. Kallam was last year's top junior. The 3rd place junior was Caleb Boden from Virginia. The top intermediate team was from Virginia. Team  members included Caleb Boden, Haley Seabright, and Mckenzie Ashby. The second place intermediate team was from Frederick County:  Kallam Latham, Kariana Strickhouser, and Laura Dutton.

Only one point separated the first and second place seniors. Emily Soils from Charles County, Maryland, placed 2nd. John Hancock, also from Charles County, placed 3rd. Brietta Latham, last year's top intermediate placed 4th.The top senior team was from Virginia. Team members included Courtney Walls, Matt Ferrari, and Evan Lineweaver. Frederick County has the second place senior team:  Brietta Latham, Ian Sanville, and Ray Martin IV.

The ten top individuals from each age category received a premium and ribbon from the Maryland Sheep Breeders Association. Members of the top three teams received festival t-shirts.  The top individual in each age category received awards provided by the University of Maryland Extension Small Ruminant Program.

This was the first year in which goats were added to the skillathon stations. The name of the Skillathon was changed from Sheep & Wool to Sheep & Goat.

The Sheep & Goat Skillathon is held at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. For more information, visit the skillathon web page at

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