Friday, April 18, 2014

Goat Artificial Insemination Clinic

There will be a Goat Artificial Insemination (AI) Clinic on May 16-17 at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) in Princess Anne.

Ms. Teresa Wade from BIO-Genics, LTD will be the instructor for the two-day event. The workshop will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days. On the first day, students will spend the day in the classroom. On the second day, students will practice AI with does at the UMES small ruminant farm.

Class size is limited to 14. The registration fee is $175 per student. After the clinic, ten AI kits used during the clinic will be available for purchase for $80. The kits will include everything a goat producer needs to successfully perform AI.

For more information, contact Dr. Nelson Escobar at (410) 651-7930 or

Online registration will be available at


Cathy Johnson said...

I went to the url for registering for the class and couldn't see anything to do with the AI Workshop. When will the registration be available? Is it open only to Maryland residents?

Cathy Johnson

Susan Schoenian said...

Don't know when you'll be able to register. Hopefully, soon. Can check with Dr. Escobar.

Susan Schoenian said...

Not restricted to Maryland residents.