Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Product: Electric Hoof Knife

The Electric Hoof Knife is the newest and most innovative tool available for trimming goat and sheep hooves. Designed to improve hoof health and make trimming hassle-free, the Electric Hoof Knife is a power tool that buffs instead of cuts to remove hoof material.

After eight years of development, the Electric Hoof Knife now has a disc created specifically for trimming goat and sheep hooves. This lightweight tool is easy to maneuver and can trim tough and overgrown hooves with little effort on part of the user. People who have limited access to electrical power can easily run the Electric Hoof Knife off of a generator or an automobile’s DC/AC power converter, so the tool is accessible anywhere, anytime.

The Electric Hoof Knife Goat & Sheep set, which retails for $254.95, comes with the Electric Hoof Knife power unit, two Goat & Sheep Trimming discs, a pair of safety glasses, and a carrying case.

For more information, or to watch videos of the Electric Hoof Knife in action, visit or call (877) 320-8203.


Sandy ~~~ said...

Hmmm, impressive but very pricey for the small herd owner. I use a dremel on my dog's nails and wonder if that would work for goat hooves?

Thanks for posting!

Susan Schoenian said...

Best to use hoof shears that have been designed for sheep/goat hooves. There are many brands and styles.