Monday, April 29, 2013

New Processor for Lamb and Goat

Simply Natural is the name of a new company that will begin processing sheep, lambs, goats, and cattle at an abattoir formerly known as Woodlawn Country Meats in Sharpsburg, Maryland. They anticipate a starting date of mid-May (2013).

Simply Natural plans to sell certified-Halal meat products to consumers, restaurants, and retail establishments in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Customers will be able to order meat online and have it delivered to their homes or businesses. The company will also provide custom slaughter services and facilitate custom slaughter of sheep and goats during various religious observances.

As such, Simply Natural is interested in purchasing naturally-raised sheep, lambs, goats, and cattle from local producers. In the future, the company also hopes to purchase and process locally-raised poultry.

For more information, contact Simply Natural at (202) 656-6328 or visit their web site at The web site is currently under construction.

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