Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Awassi genetics now available in U.S.

Awassi genetics are now available in the U.S. and for possible export to Canada.  Paolo Losecco, a business man from Illinois, imported Awassi genetics from a breeder in New South Wales, Australia, and partnered with Larry Meisegeier of River Ridge Stock Farm in Bruce, Wisconsin, to produce and make these genetics available.

Awassi lambs
In the fall of 2012, 8 ewes were implanted with Awassi embryos and 52 ewes were artificially inseminated with Awassi semen. Lambs were born in March with more to be born in April. The first offering of F1 Awassi infused ram lambs will be made in June 2013.

The Awassi breed originated in the arid desert regions of the Middle East. It is an extremely hardy breed that is used for milk, meat, and wool production. The improved Awassi is one of the highest milk-producing sheep in the world.

For the North American dairy sheep industry, the Awassi offers some much needed “new blood” in a very small gene pool.  For the U.S. commercial sheep industry, the Awassi offers the fat tail characteristics for those producers wanting to take advantage of certain ethnic markets.

For more information, please contact Larry Meisegeier at rrsf@brucetel.net or (715) 563-2391.

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