Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you remember Dolly?

Dolly died ten years ago (on February 14, 2003, to be precise). Dolly was the first cloned animal  in history, the first to be cloned from an adult cell rather than an embryo.

To produce Dolly, scientists used the nucleus of an udder cell from a six year old Finn x Dorset ewe. After "re-programming" it, they injected the nucleus into an unfertilized egg  which had had its nucleus removed. The unfertilized egg came from a Scottish Blackface ewe.

After fusing the nucleus with the egg and "culturing" it, they implanted the resulting embryo into another Scottish Blackface ewe, Dolly's surrogate mother. Dolly was born on February 23, 1997, at the Roslin Institute in Scotland.

Dolly was a normal sheep. Over her lifetime, she gave birth to six lambs. Dolly was euthanized when she was six and a half years old. She was suffering from arthritis and a lung ailment. Some scientists speculate that Dolly suffered from premature aging.

Dolly's remains are on display at the National Museum of Scotland. She is long gone, but her creation ushered in a new era in science.

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Maybe she just had OPPV? :-)