Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New nutrient management regulations

The Maryland Department of Agriculture's (MDA) proposal to change nutrient management regulations was printed as “final” in the October 5th edition of the Maryland Register and became effective on October 15, 2012.

The new regulations will alter nutrient management plans to require “fertilizer-free” buffer zones near streams, fencing of livestock out of streams, and incorporation of organic fertilizer. The regs also establish November 1st (Eastern Shore) and November 15th (western shore) as the fall dates beyond which no fertilizer may be applied until March 1st.

The winter nutrient application ban applies to manures, commercial fertilizer and sewage sludge/biosolids. Finally, the new regs require testing prior to nitrogen application for fall seeded crops.

To read the Final Notice to Adopt, visit the Maryland Register: A copy of the final regulations is available on MDA’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions by MDA

Source: Maryland Farm Bureau. The Maryland Farm Bureau has consistently opposed the new regulations.

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