Thursday, July 26, 2012

No benefit to feeding yeast

South African researchers incorporated a rumen-specific live yeast and/or an ionophore into standard feedlot diets to determine the effects on performance and carcass traits of South African (S.A.) Mutton Merino lambs.

Sixty lambs (avg. 56.5 ±4.8 lbs.) were randomly allocated to four treatment groups and further subdivided into five replicates per treatment. The four diets differed only in the additive included: 1) control - no additive; 2) live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae); 3) ionophore (Lasalocid); and 4) yeast + ionophore. After adaptation (8-d), the lambs were fed these finishing diets for 47 days, then harvested (avg. 97.9 ±8.4 lbs.) to collect carcass diet.

Dietary treatment had no effect on feed intake, average daily gain, feed efficiency, carcass weight, or carcass characteristics, though carcasses from the ionophore treatment were leaner than the carcasses from the control diet.

Under these experimental conditions, a rumen-specific live yeast (included alone or in combination with an ionophore) failed to improve performance and carcass traits S.A. Mutton Merino lambs.

Read full article from South African Society for Animal Science

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