Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zeranol improves feedlot performance

Mexican researchers were able to significantly improve the feedlot performance of 3/4 Dorper x 1/4 Katahdin lambs.

Twenty-four lambs implanted with 12 g of zeranol (a single Ralgro pellet) grew 20 percent faster than non-implanted lambs. The implanted lambs had a feed-to-gain ratio that was 20 percent higher than the non-implanted lambs.

In another experiment, the researchers determined that twice-implanted (d-0 and d-28) lambs grew faster than non-implanted lambs and lambs that received a single dose (d-0) of zeranol.

Ralgro is approved by the Food & Drug Administration for use in lambs. There is no withdrawal period.

Source:  2011 Annual Meeting Abstracts, American Society of Animal Science

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