Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scientists clone rare Himalayan goat

Scientists have cloned a rare Himalayan goat in Indian-controlled Kashmir, in a bid to increase numbers of the animal, famed for their silky soft undercoats.

The first clone, a female kid called "Noori," meaning "light" in Arabic, could spark breeding programs across the region and mass production of the high-priced wool, Dr Riaz Ahmad Shah, a veterinarian in the Animal Biotechnology Center of Sher-i-Kashmir University, said.

"Noori"  (Image link)

Shah and six other scientists took two years to clone Noori, using the relatively new "handmade" cloning technique involving only a microscope and a steady hand.

Eventually, Shah hopes to clone threatened species such as the critically endangered Kashmir stag, or hangul, the only surviving species of Asian red deer.

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