Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Producer roundtables at UMES

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Several roundtable events are planned for sheep and goat producers in the month of June.

An integrated management of internal parasites in sheep and goats roundtable is scheduled for Saturday, June 9, and a roundtable  that explores how to determine body condition in goats is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, both from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the UMES Center for Food Science and Technology.

The June 9 event offers a hands-on workshop that will teach sheep and goat producers how  to use the FAMACHA card to reduce the use of dewormers and minimize worm resistance to anthelmintics. In addition,

Dr. Nelson Escobar
Dr. N. Enrique Escobar, associate professor and small ruminant specialist, will present an overview of methods for parasite fecal egg counts.

Participants may bring a fecal sample from their own farms for analysis, but will need to contact the UME office for detailed instruction on sample collection and transport. The June 16 event will show participants how to tell if their does are either too  thin (under-conditioned) or too fat (over-conditioned).

Knowing how to properly score the body condition of their animals, goat producers will be able to adjust feed intake as well as improve fertility, kid survival, and milk production and avoid decreasing  productivity.

Participants will take home a body condition scoring card to help evaluate their goat herds. Both roundtables will offer a classroom style lecture for the morning session and hands-on exercises for the afternoon session.

Pre-registration is required  for both events. Registration fees for the June 9 workshop are $35 per person. A $12 charge will be assessed for each additional FAMACHA card. The June 16 workshop costs $20 per person. Additional body condition scoring cards will be provided at $2 per card. Registration  fees include lunch and one set of materials.

For more information about the June roundtables or to register, visit or call (410) 651-6206.

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