Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Virginia to host Dairy Sheep Conference

The 18th Annual DSANA Sheep Symposium (formerly called Great Lakes Dairy Sheep Symposium) will be held October 18-20, 2012, at the Holiday Inn Washington Dulles in Dulles, Virginia.

The DSANA Dairy Sheep Symposium is the major annual event of the dairy sheep industry in North America. For 18 years, this event has attracted dairy sheep producers from Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States. As a small but growing industry, the symposium provides critical connections among producers.

The first day includes talks directed towards beginning producers. The second day features presentations by innovative producers and top scientists from North America and Europe to bring the latest information on dairy sheep production and sheep milk processing to our domestic industry. The final day will include a tour to two local dairy sheep producers and processing plants that manufacture sheep milk cheeses.

Dairy ewes from Maryland's first sheep dairy
Shepherd's Manor Creamery

The DSANA Dairy Sheep Symposium provides an educational environment and fosters connections among dairy sheep producers, processor and researchers.

DSANA Conference Proceedings

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