Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shearing and baling services

TLS Shearing and Baling Services has been in business in the Mid-Atlantic region for more than 20 years. They specialize in sheep shearing, flock management, and wool baling for flocks of any size.

David Todd
TLS recently acquired a hydraulic wool press, capable of compressing wool into square bales weighing 400 to 500 lbs.

David Todd, the proprietor of TLS has been shearing sheep for more than 30 years. He has sheared sheep in 13 countries and previously managed two of the three biggest sheep operations in Great Britain.

According to Todd, "All flocks, large or small, are treated with the same gentle, clean, and efficient shearing that has come to be the signature of a sheep shorn by TLS."

TLS Todd's Livestock Service

Editor's note:  The Maryland Sheep Breeders Association, via the Maryland Wool Pool, also has the ability to press wool into large square bales.  Contact Richard Barczewski at rbarczewski@desu.edu for more information.

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