Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Organic zinc increases hoof hardness

British scientists conducted two experiments to investigate the effects of replacing ZnO with Bioplex® Zn on performance of pregnant ewes and their lambs.

Twin-bearing Suffolk cross North Country Mule ewes (33 in experiment one and 48 in experiment two)  and their lambs were used in the experiments.

According to the scientists, "There were no significant effects of supplementing the control diet with 50mg Zn/kg DM on ewe live weight change, lamb birth weight, weaning weight or growth rate, regardless of zinc source.”

In the second experiment, hoof hardness at lambing was significantly greater in ewes receiving the Bioplex® zinc diet compared to those fed either the control or ZnO diets.

Previous studies with dairy cows and sheep have demonstrated a beneficial effect of replacing inorganic Zn supplements with an organic source of Zn on performance and udder health.

Source: Animal Bytes

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