Saturday, October 8, 2011

Online courses from Pipestone

It has been a great year in the sheep business! Lamb prices have been unbelievably good but have been tempered some by higher feed costs. Profitability is very dependent on the ability to economically feed the ewe flock based on the ewe’s nutritional requirement.

The Pipestone Lamb and Wool program launched an online Ewe Ration Formulation course (LWMP 1502) to help individuals economically feed their flock. The goal of this course is to help individuals develop an annual feeding plan with a projected annual feed cost.

Topic areas covered include:   Nutritive requirements of sheep, nutritional values of feed ingredients, reading a feed tag, digestive physiology of sheep, nutritional safety, feeder space requirements, forage sampling and interpretation, ewe diet formulation and evaluation, calculating price per pound of nutrient.

To register for the Ewe Ration Formulation Course (LWMP 1502) contact Sue Lovell at (507) 847-7929 or  The cost for the Ewe Ration Formulation Course is $189.31

Other online course offerings include: Introduction to Sheep Management (LWMP 1001); Equipment and Facilities (LWMP 1202); Introduction to Sheep Health (LWMP 1300); Wool Characteristics and Properties (LWMP 1701); and Lambing Time Management  (LWMP 2009) Webinar.

For more information on the Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program educational offerings visit their web page at or contact one of the Lamb and Wool instructors:  Philip Berg at or (507) 825-6799 or Mike Caskey at or (507) 825-6808.

The Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program is a sheep management education/consulting program offered by Minnesota West Community and Technical College located at Pipestone, Minnesota.

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