Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hoof trimming video

As part of their SARE-funded Sheep Foot Health Project, the University of Maine has created a video on hoof trimming. The video is equally applicable to either sheep or goats.

In addition to demonstrating proper hoof trimming techniques, the video provides information about foot rot, a highly contagious disease that can affect the hooves of susceptible sheep and goats.

Image from video
Dr. Richard Brzozowski, University of Maine Extension Educator and lead investigator for the foot health project, demonstrates and discusses hoof trimming and foot rot in the 8:35 minute (edited) video.

The video can be accessed from the University of Maine Sheep Foot Health Project web site at The video may also be viewed on YouTube at

The purpose of the sheep foot health project is to help Northeast sheep producers eliminate foot rot from their flocks. The project includes cooperators in multiple states, including Maryland. The investigators are seeking funding to expand the project to goats.

Sheep Foot Health Project

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