Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Using sheep and goats as lawn mowers

Mendota, a city in Fresno County, California, is considering using sheep or goats for grass trimming and weed control. Using sheep and goats as replacements for mowers and herbicides is a growing trend across California.

Fresno Bee image
Rob Rutherford, an animal sciences professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, says, "If the grazing is done correctly, we mimic the elk and antelope who were out there before we were here."

The cities of San Luis Obispo and Rocklin, east of Sacramento, have used sheep and goats for grazing to cut down weeds and grasses. But in Mendota, there's a catch: the city prohibits grazing animals.

So the city is revising its rules to allow sheep to graze on large swaths of city land zoned for public facilities. The city is considering using sheep at its airport and sewage treatment plant, which have large open areas.

The goal of the grazing plan is to reduce dust, pollution, herbicide use and fire danger -- and maybe save the city money.

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