Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New interactive lamb "Dashboard"

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a new interactive dashboard which allow users to view data for slaughter lamb markets in an easy-to-use, customizable way.

Dashboards provide users with quick, easy access to volume and price information that can be customized and downloaded. Dashboards are user-friendly visualization tools that bring market data to life and complement the existing data available through the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Market News site.

Modeled after the Cattle Dashboard, the new Lamb Dashboard includes the same types of interactive features for querying and viewing slaughter lamb market information, such as navigation tabs, maps, slide bars, drop down menus, graphs, tables, daily market tickers and download capabilities. For example, users can opt to view data on a national basis, or sort by regions.

To check out the Lamb Dashboard, visit the AMS Market News site at A users' guide is also available that provides a feature-by-feature overview of the dashboard.

Lamb Dashboard

Source:  ASI Weekly News, 05.06.11

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