Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U.S. sheep and goat inventory declines

The U.S. Sheep and Lamb Inventory on January 1, 2011, totaled 5.53 million head, 2 percent less than 2010. The (all) goat inventory totaled 3 million head and was 1 percent less than a year ago.

The 2010 lamb crop was also 2 percent below 2009. The national average lambing rate was 108 lambs per 100 ewes, the same as the previous year. Wool prices averaged $1.15 per lb. as compared to $0.79 per lb. in 2009.  The average fleece weight of wool sheep was 7.3 lbs.

Nationally, the meat (and other) goat inventory declined by 2 percent, while dairy goat numbers increased 1 percent and Angora goats were up 7 percent. The average weight per clip of mohair was 6.0 lbs. The average mohair price was $3.49 per lb.

In the sheep report, Maryland's data is combined with other states, so it is not known if the state's sheep inventory increased or decreased.  Several neighboring states reported increases in sheep numbers:  North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. 

According to the report, the number of meat (and other) goats declined by 4 percent in Maryland, while the number of dairy goats was 25 percent less than a year ago.

The Sheep and Goat Report will no longer be published on a bi-annual basis. The final July report was released last year.

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