Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Health paper changes (Maryland)

Maryland livestock require intrastate health papers in order to go to a Maryland show, fair, or other exhibition. Starting this year, there is no requirement for review, approval, and stamping of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) prior to the animals going to the fair or show.

The new form ((MDA-E-16(REV1/11)) is to be completed and signed by an accredited veterinarian after inspection of the animals listed on the form. The veterinarian is required to send the original top (white) copy to Maryland Department of Agriculture Headquarters, the middle (yellow) transport copy is to be retained by the owner of the livestock, and the bottom (pink) copy is for the veterinarian’s records.

Because the new form is a carbon copy and color-coded, it is not available at MDA's web site. The new forms for 2011 will be available for pick-up only at the Frederick or Salisbury laboratories and available for pick up or mailing from Animal Health Headquarters in Annapolis.  The older two page form (MDA-E-16(REV11/09)) will be accepted for use during this transition year if the new forms are not readily available.

Please call (410) 841-5810 or e-mail animalhealth@mda.state.md.us to request that forms be mailed to you. Any comments or questions should be directed to Annapolis headquarters at (410) 841-5810.

All out-of-state livestock (entering Maryland) must be accompanied by an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. An approved copy of this certificate must be forwarded by the State of Origin to the MDA Animal Health Section.

Policy changes for 2011
2011 Fair and Show Requirements

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