Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Licking" worms

The CARLA® Saliva Test has been developed by New Zealand AgResearch scientists as a powerful new tool for selecting sheep with greater immunity to internal parasites.

CARLA Saliva test
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The test provides an accurate and simple way to select animals which suffer less from the effects of parasitic worms, and which pass fewer worm eggs onto pasture.

The test measures antibodies against worm larvae in sheep saliva: animals with high levels of antibodies are better at preventing worms establishing in the gut. This means the animals can put more of their energy into growth, without any increase in dags.

The CARLA® Saliva test is available ONLY to producers in New Zealand.

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Editor's note:  Before the test is released outside of New Zealand, the researchers plan to do some validation trials in other major sheep raising environments, including the U.S.  According to an e-mail, they will be entering into discussions with a Veterinary Diagnostic Company in the U.S. that may eventually offer the test to U.S. producers.

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