Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maryland 4-H/FFA Meat Goat Show

Market Goats
Seventy-two market goats ranged in weight from 46 to 115 lbs. and were divided into ten weight classes.  The following 4-Hers exhibited class winners:  1) Brianne Hevner (Carroll, 45-54 lbs.); 2) Emma Mayne (Montgomery, 57-61 lbs.); 3) Charles Sasscer (St. Mary's, 62-65 lbs.); 4) Declan Kenney (Carroll, 66-71 lbs.); 5) Maggie Holloway (Harford, 74-78 lbs.); 6) Sara Harshman (Frederick, 79-84 lbs.); 7) Cooper Bounds (Carroll, 85-90 lbs.); 8) Claire Bennett (Howard, 91-96 lbs.); 9) Austin Stoner (Carroll, 96 lbs.); and 10) Casey Bounds (Carroll, 100-115 lbs.).

Champion Market Goats (L-R)
Cooper Bounds, Brent Jenkins, and Austin Stone

The Grand Champion Market Goat was an 85-lb. wether exhibited by Cooper Bounds.  Austin Stoner had the Reserve Champion Market Goat, a 96-lb. wether.  Claire Bennett was the recipient of the award for the Best Bred and Owned Market Goat.  Carroll County had the top county group of market goats.

Rate of Gain
Market goats exhibited by Casey Bounds (Carroll) and Paige Stowers (Carroll) tied for Best Rate-of-Gain.  Both goats gained 0.42 lbs. per day.   The Champion and Reserve Champion Market Goats both gained 0.33 lbs. per day. All of the market goat exhibitors received premiums for rate-of-gain:  blue. > 0.31 lbs per day; red, 0.21-0.30 lbs. per day; and white, < 0.20 lbs. per day.

Champion Rate-of-Gain (L-R)
Casey Bounds, Brent Jenkins, and Paige Stowers

Breeding goats
The Champion Commercial Meat Goat Doe was exhibited by Claire Bennett.  Dylon Youmans (Carroll) had the Reserve Champion Commercial Doe. Cooper Bounds exhibited the Champion and Reserve Champion Registered Does and Grand Champion Doe of the Show.  Aaron Lantz (Garrett) had the Champion Commercial Buck. Margaret Buckmeier (Frederick) had the Champion Registered Buck and Champion Buck of the Show.

The Best Bred and Owned Breeding Goat was exhibited by Cooper Bounds. Many of the exhibitors in the 4-H/FFA Meat Goat Breeding Show also competed in the state fair's first Open Class Boer Goat Show.

Fitting and Showing
Junior fitting and showing was won by Crystal Stowers (Carroll).  Ashley Braun (Charles) was the champion intermediate showman.  Cooper Bounds was the Champion Senior Showman.  In the Dean's Showmanship Challenge, last year's winner Claire Bennett successfully defended her title.

Champion Fitting and Showing (L-R)
Ashley Braun, Claire Bennett, Cooper Bounds, and Brent Jenkins

Ribbons and trophies for the show were provided by the Maryland State Fair. Additional awards were donated by the University of Maryland Small Ruminant Program and College of Agricultural and Natural Resources, Good Shepherd Lamb Coats LLC, and Frey's Livestock Supply. The judge for this year's show was Brent Jenkins, 4-H Youth Livestock Specialist from North Carolina State University.

The superintendent of the 4-H/FFA Meat Goat Show is Susan Schoenian.  She was assisted by Dr. Nelson Escobar, Small Ruminant Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Shannon Uzelac, 4-H Program Assistant in Washington County.

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