Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Surfer" sheep

Six-year old Mildred has become an internet hit.  More than 50,000 have clicked on to watch her take to the sea.  But Mildred is not an ordinary surfer. She's a sheep.

The video of Mildred is part of an online advertising campaign for British clothing manufacturer Finisterre.  The idea behind the advertising campaign is to promote Finisterre's slogan, "doing clever things with wool!" 

YouTube image
Of course, Mildred isn't really surfing.  The video is 50 percent Mildred and 50 percent computer trickery. Mildred was hand-raised, so she is used to human contact and following directions.

Finisterre is making clothing from their own flock of sheep. They are breeding a rare breed of British sheep called the Bowmont. The Bowmont is almost extinct and the company is keeping the line alive.

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