Monday, May 10, 2010

Online quality assurance training

You can now become Sheep Safety and Quality Assurance (SSQA) Level 1 certified from the comfort of your own home.  The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) recently released their newly developed online version of this training.  It is available at by clicking on "Online Education."

The Level 1 training is designed to educate producers on the basics of assuring safety and quality in American lamb products, to describe and define the safety and quality guidelines, and to assure that producers understand the concepts and reasoning behind the development of the guidelines and the importance of their implementation.

At the conclusion of the training, participants complete the assessment and mail to the results to ASI to be added to the growing list of producers who believe that producing safe and high quality lamb is of utmost importance.

Source:  ASI Weekly

Langston University offers a unit on Meat Goat Quality Assurance as part of their web-based Training and Certification Program for Meat Goat Producers.

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