Saturday, November 28, 2009

Featured product: lamb coats

Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are natural wool coats specially designed to help maintain the core body temperature of newborn, sick or frail lambs, goats, and crias and to keep cold doggies warm. They are designed by Linda O'Brien, a Southern Maryland shepherd.

image by Good Shepherd Lamb CoatsGood Shepherd Lamb Coats do not restrict movement and are fluid resistant. The chest piece covers the lamb's chest and insulates it from the damp and coldness of the ground and prevents chilling of the lamb. The coats are available in solid colors, with contrasting trim. Call for availability of colors.

Good Shepherd Lamb Coats are currently available in two sizes: small (6-10 lbs.) and medium (11-15 lbs). An extra small size will soon be available. Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are extremely durable and easily cleaned. They can be washed and dried in the home laundry.

Good Shepherd Lamb Coats

Special thanks to Linda for donating several coats as door prizes at the recent Lambing & Kididng School.

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