Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Biggest show ever

The 2009 4-H/FFA Meat Goat Show was the biggest ever. It was judged by Dr. Brian Faris, Extension Sheep & Meat Goat Specialist at Kansas State University.

Dr. Faris selected an 78-lb. fullblood Boer doe kid exhibited by Austin Stoner from Carroll County as the Grand Champion Market Goat. Charles Sasscer from Charles County exhibited the Reserve Champion Market Goat, which was also named Best Bred and Owned Market Goat.

Champion and Reserve Champion Market Goats (L-R): Charles Sasscer (Res. champ), Dr. Brian Faris (judge), and Austin Stoner (Champ)Class winners in the market goat show included Brianne Hevner (33 to 50 lbs.); Levi Lantz (57-64 lbs.); Shelby Sasscer (64-66 lbs.); Danielle Moore (67-69 lbs.); Austin Stoner (70-78 lbs.); Casey Bounds (80-87 lbs.); Cameron Mullinix (89-95 lbs.); and Claire Bennett (102-117 lbs.).

Champion rate-of-gain was awarded to Ashley Hevner from Carroll County. Her 102-lb. wether gained 0.67 lbs. per day. Danielle Moore from Howard County had reserve champion rate-of-gain with a goat that gained 0.55 lbs. per day.

Champion and Reserve Champion Rate-of-Gain (L-R) Ashley Bennett and Danielle Moore
Claire Bennett from Carroll County exhibited the Champion Commercial Doe. Levi Lantz from Garrett County had the reserve champion commercial doe. Cooper Bounds from Carroll County had the Champion Registered Doe.

Cameron Dorsey from Frederick County had the reserve champion registered doe. Cooper's doe was the Grand Champion Doe in the show. Cameron's was reserve champion. Cooper Bounds exhibited the Grand Champion buck of the show and the Best Bred and Owned Breeding Goat (doe kid).

Grand Champion Doe and Best Bred and Owned Breeding Goat exhibited by Cooper Bounds (R)The champion junior showman was Makenzie Charles from Charles County. Reserve champion was Jacqueline Bowen from Calvert County. Intermediate champion was Ashley Braun from Charles County. Reserve champion was Evan Charles from Charles County.

Claire Bennett was the champion senior showman. Cooper Bounds was reserve champion. In the Dean's Showmanship Challenge, Margaret Buckmeier from Frederick County, last year's champion showman, successfully defended her title.

Champion 4-H Meat Goat Showman (L-R): Makenzie Charles, junior; Ashley Braun, intermediate; Claire Bennett, senior; and Margaret Buckmeier, championship challengeTen market goats sold in the 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale. The champion market goat brought $450 and was purchased by the Mill of Bel Air. The champion rate-of-gain goat brought $300 and was purchased by The Baalands (Susan Schoenian). The Maryland State 4-H Office purchased two goats in the sale.

Awards for the 2009 4-H/FFA Meat Goat Show were donated by the Maryland Agricultural Fair Board, Frey's Livestock Supply, and the University of Maryland Small Ruminant Extension Program.

Special thanks to everyone who helped with the show: Dr. Nelson Escobar, Shannon Uzelac, Dwayne Murphy, Willie Lantz, Jeff Hevner, and Carla Eastburn.

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