Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Balance sheep rations online

Montana State University's Sheep Ration Program is designed to assist producers in matching available feedstuffs with the animal’s nutritional needs. Use this program to:

  • View sheep nutritional requirements
  • View the standard nutrient content of more than 300 feeds
  • Enter a custom feed value based on laboratory results
  • Balance a ration for sheep at various lifecycle stages
  • Find answers to frequently asked nutritional questions

The program is based in part on nutritional recommendations adapted from "Nutrient Requirements of Sheep," Sixth Revised Edition, 1985, by the National Research Council.

It is a FREE on-line program that does not require any specific type of software. To use the program all you need is a computer capable of accessing the Internet.

Goat rations can be balanced online using Langston University's nutrient requirement calculators.